I really want Nintendo to stretch their creative muscles for this game, so honestly this sounds like a positive announcement (assuming the reasons for the delay are what he claims). After A Link Between Worlds shook up the Zelda formula, I have a feeling that they can really do something great on the WiiU. » 3/27/15 6:09pm Friday 6:09pm

There was a lot of talk about asymmetrical gaming when the WiiU first launched. NintendoLand and ZombieU both featured multiplayer modes where one player used the Game Pad to do something completely different than the player(s) looking at the TV. Sadly, I don't know of many other games that have used the WiiU to that… » 3/27/15 11:22am Friday 11:22am

I don't share your overall position on KH2, but the thing I liked most about KH1 that the other games failed was the way Disney was incorporated. In the first game the Disney villains were front and center, and it felt like the characters tied more to the overall plot. Now it's pretty much all the original series… » 3/26/15 10:42am Thursday 10:42am


The winner of the Batman/Superman fight is whoever initiates the fight. If Batman decides that Supes needs to go down, he has the resources and intelligence to make that happen. Superman, being a generally trusting fellow, will fall into whatever trap Batman sets. However, if Superman just shows up at the… » 3/25/15 1:16pm Wednesday 1:16pm