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2016 - The Year You Get All Those Event Pokémon You Missed Before

Anyone who regularly checks will already know this, but this is something everyone with a current-gen Pokémon game deserves to know. You’re going to be able to get all of the Mythical Pokémon from past generations this year! (“Mythical” is Nintendo’s term for what are commonly called event Pokémon, which are those special monsters like Mew who can’t be caught in normal gameplay.) Starting in February, every month of 2016 will have a mythic Pokémon made available in one way or another. This is huge if you want all your Pokémon to have the blue Pentagon, or if you want to try to get one with good stats thanks to the legendary IV rule, or if you just never had the chance and need to complete your Pokédex!

Please spread the word- missing these Pokémon is one of the greatest frustrations people have with this franchise, and everyone should be aware of the opportunity that’s being presented!


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