Good morning, wonderful person! Thank you for being randomly selected to be my Secret Santa this year. This is admittedly 90% copy-pasted from last year’s, but I realized that even if I wrote the whole thing from scratch it’s not like it would be that much different in the end. Here is some useful information about me that may help you out. 

  • Regarding video games: if you want to get me a game, I have a Steam account (tygore001) as well as the ability to play anything from any Sony or Nintendo system ever. That being said, I do have more of the larger titles for my favorite franchises, so if you want to get me something try to make it something I’ve never heard of. I love discovering hidden gems and obscure titles, so if you have one I’d love to play it!
  • My favorite franchises are Zelda, Pokémon, Ace Attorney, and Kingdom Hearts. I also love Ghost Trick and The World Ends with You, though sadly neither of those could be considered franchises. I had fallen out of love with Fire Emblem at some point, but I gave Three Houses a chance and absolutely loved it; so my feelings on it are getting warmer.
  • I also play a lot of tabletop/board games, and am always looking for something new to bring to game night! I’m a fairly regular D&D and Magic: the Gathering player, and could probably use a new dice bag
  • Merch is always a plus, too. I typically wear a men’s XL shirt size if you want to go that route. But I am a sucker for collectibles, figurines, and things like that.
  • My favorite Pokémon is Volcarona. Volcarona doesn’t get a lot of love in the merch department, and doesn’t even exist in Sword and Shield, but it’s worth mentioning.

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